Corporate Overview

Head Office
Akita Oil Seal Co., Ltd
March 1984
95,500,000 JPY
Nobuei Kaneya
126-1 Toyooka-kinden Horikiri Mitanemacho Yamamoto Akita Pref JAPAN 018-2304
Business Field
Manufacturing and Distribution of rubber products
O-Ring, X-Ring, Gasket and other rubber parts
Tokyo Sales Office
Group Company
Akita Arusu Co., Lted
Shirakami Onsen Hotel Co., Ltd


Mar, 1984
Akita Oil Seal Co., Ltd. was founded at Fujisato Town with a capital investment of 10 million yen.
Aug, 1984
Beginning of supplying our products of O-rings to Robert Bosch for parts of the fuel injection valves.
Feb, 1988
Foundation of Tokyo Sales office to extended the range of customer services
Jul, 1988
Company’s capital increased to 30 million yen to strengthen the infrastructure of the company.
Dec, 1988
Foundation of Kotooka Factory as our second production factory
Jul, 1990
Futatsui Factory was built for the further business expansion.
Oct, 1992
Foundation of Akita O-ring Co., Ltd for the further business expansion
May, 1996
Beginning of manufacturing rubber products for medical industry
Jul, 1998
Akita O-ring Co., Ltd was rebuilded and Kotooka Factory was united to Akita O-ring Co., Ltd to make the companies total production lines efficiently functioned, and integrate all the management systems.
Aug, 1999

Head Office and Futatsui Factory acquired the certificate of ISO 9002:1994.

Jul, 2000
Company’s capital increased to 60 million yen.
Oct, 2001
Purchase of the building located in Kuramae, Tokyo to transfer the location of the Tokyo Sales Office.
Aug, 2002
Head Office and Futatsui Factory renewed ISO certificate to the updated version of ISO 9001: 2000. In addition to that, Tokyo Sales Office also acquired ISO 9001:2000 as a supplemental institution for the first time.
Oct, 2003

Installing of advanced production control system (ASKS) to make efficient the order-and-receipt procedure, and systematize the whole process of the factory by intranet.

Sep, 2004

 Operation of Fujisato Factory stopped for the integration of the production system and all its functions were taken over by Futatsui Factory.

Oct, 2004
Installing 24 units of 200 tons of vaccum molding machines in Akita O-ring Co., Ltd
Sep, 2005
Installing of automatic inspection machines for the further quality assurance and the improvement of inspection process
Oct, 2005
Start of planning the foundation of Akita Oil Seal VITETNAM Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary company) in Haiphong of Vietnam as our first production factory outside of Japan to adapt to the globalized market trend.
Jan, 2006
The construction of Vietnam Factory started in Nomura Haiphong Industrial Zone in Haiphong.
Jul, 2006
Akita Oil Seal Vietnam Co., Ltd. started its operation and production.
Jun, 2007
 Installing of Barrel type of deflashing equipment in Vietnam Factory
Oct, 2008
Akita Oil Seal Co., Ltd, Akita O-ring, and Tokyo Sales Office acquired the certificate of ISO/TS 16949:2002
Nov, 2009
 Set up of the Research Room for the further R&D
Feb, 2010
Company’s capital increased to 80 million yen.
Apr, 2011
Akita Oil Seal Co., Ltd merged with Akita O-ring Co., Ltd and increase the capital amount to 95.5 million.


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