AOS’s Material and its Characteristics

A rubber part is used in various situations, so the choice of the material is important. We prepared various types of rubber in addition to the general specified material in JIS and JASO. The following compounds are some of the representative materials which AOS developed. AOS also has the other types of materials too, so please feel free to consult on us about your request of the physical and chemical properties of rubber. We’re also welcome to develop a new type of material based on your requirements. We develop and hold the materials normally based on the specification programmed by Japanese organizations, but we also welcome to develop the material based on other standards, for example, ISO, ANSI or Mil spec. Please give us your spec. by ASTM callout.

Type AOS Material No. Rubber Type Characteristics JIS
AN7003B NBR Most representative material in AOS Resistance to heat ageing, oil, and abrasion 1-A
AN9004B NBR Similar physical proerties to AN7003B in addition to the resitance to high pressure and abrasion 1-B
AN7030B NBR Resistance to heating oil and light oil 2
AE7004B EPDM Resistance to plant oil, for example brake oil and coolant
Resistance to weathering and ozone Insulation characteristics
AS7011B Si Resistance to heat ageing and low temperature AS7011B can be used in the broad range of temperature condition 4-C
AF7004B FKM Resistance to oil, heat ageing, and wide range of chemicals 4-D
AA7001B ACM Superiority to NBR in the resitance to heat ageing Resistance to brake oil and gear oil 4-E

AN7006B NBR Expaneded graphite is included in AN7006B. This NBR is expanded in the high temperature condition and effect the heat-retention, heat insulation and the resistance to flammability  
AN7008B NBR High performance in the resistance to gas within NBR  
AN7036B NBR High performance in the resistance to low temperature within NBR  
AHN7009B H-NBR Most major H-NBR in AOS Superiority to the normal NBR in the resistance to heat ageing, oil, abrasion, tear, and wethering.  
AF7006B FKM More Excellent perfromance than the normal FKM in the resistance to the chemicals and solvents  
AF7021B FKM The same level of resistance as AF7004B to heat ageing and chemicals in addition to the high performance in low teperature condition  

※4-E is Standard Material for JASO F404

AOS’s material classified by its hardness and usage

Rubber Type Usage/Function Duro 50 Duro 60 Duro 70 Duro 80 Duro 90
NBR General AN5004B AN6004B AN7003B:1-A AN8004B AN9004B:1-B
Fuel     AN7030B:2    
LPG AN5011B   AN7008B    
Resistance to Abrasion     AN7039B:1-A    
Low Temperature     AN7036B    
Ozone AN5015B   AN7005B    
Food Sanitation   AN6006B AN7022B    
Special     AN7006B
EPDM General   AE6011B AE7004B:3 AE8001B AE9001B
Water supply AE5002B   AE7020B    
SBR General   ASB6002B ASB7005B    
VMQ General AS5003B AS6012B AS7011B:4-C AS8006B  
Tear resistance AS5021B AS6030B AS7037D
Resistance to Flammability AS5027B AS6012B AS7004B    
Waterproof AS5007B(含油) AS6017W
(Self lubicant)
FVMQ General     AFS7001A
FKM Low Set AF5003B AF6003B AF7004B:4-D
AF8001B AF9001B
Chemicals and Solvents     AF7006B    
Low Temperature     AF7021B
H-NBR General     AHN7009B AHN8001B AHN9001B
Ozone     AHN7009B   AHN9005B
ACM General     AA7001B:4-E    
Low Set   AA6505B(65) AA7009B    
CR General AC5002B AC6002B AC7001B    
IIR General     AII7004B    

*The first two digits of the number in AOS material code indicate the hardness of the material
*The last alphabetic letter indicates the color of the material.
*The no. or code in the parenthesis after the material code indicates the specification according to JIS B 2401 or JASO F404.


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